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Paintless Dent Repair, or 'PDR' is the innovative process of removing minor dents and dings(where the paint has not been broken) without the need for sanding, filling, painting or spraying.

I uses a specialised set of steel rod-like tools with various shaped and angled tips. Depending on the position of the dent, the correct tool will be selected to gain access behind the dent within the panel, where it will be used to ently 'massage' the metal back into it's original shape without disturbing the paintwork.

Unlike the traditional body shop methods, Paintless Dent Repair can be carried out on site while you wait, so you don't have the inconvenience of arranging alternative transport. I am happy to come to your home or place of work during normal office hours. I offer a free, on-site, no-obligation quotation and can usually complete the job within an hour.

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Paintless Dent Repair is suitable for dents and creases (both inwards and protruding) up to the size of a golf ball. If the dent is larger than this, I will be happy to assess it for you, provided that there is no paint damage. Although I cannot guarantee that a larger dent will come out completely, I can often smooth out the dent considerably.
My customers include: vehicle owners, car clubs, body shops, dealerships, insurance companyes, mechanic shops as well as wash and detail companies. I repair all makes and models and no job is too small. I also specialize in luxury, high performance, and exotic vehicles.

History of PDR
Paintless dent Repair (PDR) was established in the 1940's on the assembly lines of Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart Germany to repair small dings created during th manufacturing process. These technicians were commonly referred to as "ding men" and would use special tools to gently massage the dents to perfection by working the metal from the inside out.
In the early 1980's PDR found its way into the Midwest region of the United States by an Argentinean body man who became frustrated with having to fill and paint small dings and dents utilizing traditional body shop techniques. Today, the PDR industry has developed into a multi-million dollar industry and is recognized by all major insurance companies and auto dealerships as the preferred method of repair for dings, dents and hail.

A Tale of Two Tins
Imagine this: There are two identical tins of beans on a shelf, the price is the same, the contents are the same, the only difference is that one of them has a small dent to it's side. Which one would you buy??? If we can be so put off by a dent on something so inexpensive, imagine the reaction to similar damage on a vehicle worth a great deal more. Nowadays, people have higher standards and expect more for their money and, no matter whether you are buying or selling, by removing those annoying dings and dents you will increase your cars value.

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